"The Portable Pollinators"

Levii | Levii | Spell
singular — plural — collective


It is said the realm of Gaguro would not be the land it is without the help of its guardians: the Levii. As a tiny, fairy-like Lythian, their main job is to act as pollinators, aiding the glowshrooms and crystals of their homeland by spreading them across the realm. Their thick arms serve as baskets, being a quick and easy way to transfer pollen, spores, or newly-formed crystals from one place to another, especially if an area is particularly struggling with growth. Since the earliest records of Gaguron society, the Levii have divided this work based on variants. Arthrofauna — the more fragile but nimble of the two — are tasked with protecting the realm's flora, while Avifauna — the sturdier but less dexterous variants — deal with protecting Gaguro’s crystals.