Species Name: Kikitsu
"The Floral Vulpines"

Kikitsu | Kikitsu | Charm
singular — plural — collective


Kikitsu are a foxlike species with an affinity for the various plants that grow throughout Lyth. With quick wits and playful natures, they can be quite the tricksters, though generally mean well. These creatures are born with transformative types of magic, one of which is the ability to turn seeds into gold! This technique comes easily to all Kikitsu, and while they cannot be forced to perform magic, they seem to enjoy gifting the gold to those they trust. However, their source of magic is not infinite, but more like a rechargeable battery; they need to take breaks and rest in order to continue using it. Sleeping in a field of freshly-bloomed flora is the only way for them to replenish their magic, which also doubles as bodily energy. Both magical acts and mundane tasks both pull from this same power source, so they must be wary of how they spend it! Kikitsu tend to get along with most other species — though some have the habit of taking a bite out of the occasional, unwary Roobite — and may form curious relationships with Haenyms for religious reasons.