Kella Ser

Species Name: Kella Ser
"The Conjunct Constables"

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singular — plural — collective


Kella Ser appear to be of the feline family, though of course, with some drastic variations. Most notably, they have a snakelike tail that actually has a mind of its own. Despite having its own brain, tail-head and actual head are closely connected in that they think in unison rather than having individual thoughts; they should be considered a singular unit. Naturewise, Kella Ser are well-suited for investigation jobs. Their curious and attentive natures, coupled with their keen eyesight and acute hearing, make them excellent detectives. However, they also have a bad habit of getting lost in thought, which distracts both heads simultaneously and completely.


✦ Body
Kella Ser are generally sleek and stand at an average of three feet (not including their ears), though variations in body type and height are not uncommon. They are mostly covered in fur, which may vary in length and texture between each individual.

✦ Ears
Their ears come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles, though most of them have pointed tips. However, rounded tips, folded ears, and other variations do exist!

✦ Eyes
These creatures' watchful eyes always have pupils that are pointed in shape. The number of points may vary, as can the overall shape of their eye.

✦ Scales
Other than fur, scales also have a place on a Kella Ser's body. Scale placement always starts at their neck and ends at...their other neck. They vary in style but are always a different texture than their fur. It is believed that they evolved this way to protect an otherwise soft underbelly.

✦ Paws
Kella Ser are both quadrupedal and bipedal, though some prefer one method of travel over the other and may stick to that one. As a result, their paws may develop differently, such as becoming larger and more dextrous to be able to hold objects while standing on two. However, this kind of growth is not consistent, as big forepaws may also be present on those who prefer to walk on all fours.

✦ Tail
Their tails take after serpents in appearance. All Kella Ser must have a tail though those with more than one also exist. In the event of an accident in which their tail is somehow damaged or removed, they can still survive. However, these injuries may result in mental damage, since the two heads are so closely linked.

Design Guidelines

- Their bodies are covered in fur.
- Kella Ser commonly have pointed ears but other variations exist.
- Their pupils are always pointed.
- They have scales starting from the neck that end at their tail-neck.
- Kella Ser can develop large forepaws.
- They must have tails that are serpent-like in appearance.


Body Types

Baby Information

Baby Kella Ser are born with their eyes completely closed for the first few weeks of life. Fortunately for them, their tails are born with their eyes open, so act as their navigator during early childhood — which sometimes winds up with the babies walking butt-first, but it works. They are quick and nimble on their feet, though quite clumsy when attempting to walk on twos.

Design Guidelines
- They are already covered in fur, some of which hide their underbelly scales.
- Their ears are folded though most become pointed by adolescence.
- Baby Kella Ser’s main eyes are completely closed, but their tail’s eyes are open.

To grow your baby Kella Ser, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


Kella Ser are the manifestation of a soul split in two and yet connected. It is thought that the first of the Kella Ser may have been a soul split into two separate-yet-connected bodies — the primary body and a secondary “companion” body.

Origin Quest

As children, Kella Ser do not have the use of their primary head’s eyes, and learn to “communicate” (not always by words, but thoughts and feelings) with the eyes on their tail. As they grow, they learn better how to process their thoughts between their two selves, and gradually mature both mentally and physically.

How does your Kella Ser operate as a child? Very young Kella Ser sometimes walk backwards as the tail acts as the navigator for the body — does your Kella Ser experience this? How do they deal with learning to process their thoughts as they grow? Do they find themselves in some sort of trouble when lost in thoughts? Please portray your Kella Ser using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Kella Ser's serpent-tail need to have pointed pupils?
No, just the Kella Ser's main pupils need to be pointed.