"The Crypt Keepers"

Igalyph | Igalyphs | Igalglych
singular — plural — collective


Igalyphs are the most mysterious social… or not so social Lythians. Donned “crypt keepers,” fittingly, they are rarely seen above ground. They act somewhat like earthworms; when the soil or clay they reside in isn’t to their liking, they’ll seek solace above ground.

When below ground, Igalyphs create residence complexes for themselves. They will socialize with one another, but in… very odd ways. They usually click their fingers together to create combinations that translate into a language for them. Other gestures suggest they might speak telepathically.

In reality, Igalyphs are not mysterious and elusive on purpose. They have a very unreliable memory system and generally rely on one another for information, somewhat hivemind-like. Over a couple of months, they’ll collectively forget their own language and adapt it with new expressions to replace previous words. So, quite literally, they communicate in ciphers.

Igalyphs above ground are mound-builders. They use their time above ground to create earth-based artworks. Sometimes, if there is a prolonged flood or drought, Igalyphs can create large-scale works similar to that of a livable island with an ecosystem. Igalyphs were said to have terraformed their native realm of Mausolia and groomed it to be habitable by the array of Lythians present in it.