Species Name: Slyme

Slyme | Slymes | —
singular — plural — collective


Slymes are amorphous, gelatin-like creatures that roam many realms of Lyth. Their origin is unknown and they are a biological mystery to most researchers. They come in many varieties mostly dependent on the region they are from. They are often found with Lythian belongings stuck within them. They are commonly around two feet tall but there have been rumors of ones much, much larger appearing in places where a lot of Slymes are found. These giant Slymes are a potential threat to Lythians as they can essentially be "swallowed" by a giant Slyme's body. Fortunately giant Slymes are just a rumor... or are they?

Design Guidelines

- Slymes can be any color, and can even glow, shimmer, or shine like metal.
- They often take on the properties of their environment, ie, a Slyme living in the tundra would look icy.
- Their gelatinous bodies can be one or two segments, though should be mostly fused together.
- Slymes can be found with various objects stuck inside them.
- Their eyes may differ in color and shape, but all sport a slanted line as a pupil.
- They may have small limbs, but they cannot be fully articulate with joints and segments.


* Subspecies marked with an asterisk require an additional item to create. Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.
⁂ Subspecies marked with three asterisks require an additional step to create. Please click the Mythical Ascension Quest button for more information.

Body Types

* Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.

Baby Information

To grow your baby Slyme, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale

Origin Quest

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

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