Species Name: Skeye

Skeye | Skeye | Whistle
singular — plural — collective


Skeye are an avian-like species found only in the realm of Áthlima, where it is an ancient tradition to keep and train them. Thought to be distantly related to Chime Fish, these small metal creatures make a melodic whistling noise as air passes through their hollow heads during flight. This inspired the residents of Áthlima to train Skeye to be the referees to all their sports games, as they have excellent vision and can make loud whistling noises if they spot any foul plays or cheating.

Design Guidelines

- Skeye have a metallic body, which may be smooth, cracked, or mimic other textures.
- Their heads are two pieces, welded together to create a hollow with at least one socket.
- Their heads may be any shape but must be separate from their body.
- Their skull contains a single eye that can be made of any hard material.
- Their heads float separately from their body, which is also metallic in nature.
- Their flight apparatuses come in a variety of styles but must resemble wings (bird, insect, bat, etc.).
- They must have at least one pair of these wings but may have up to three pairs.
- They also have between two to six limb apparatuses that mimic arms or legs.
- Skeye have tails that divert into two or more prongs that "hold" their artifact.
- The artifact can vary in shape and number, but must be identical in design to their eye.


Body Types

Baby Information

To grow your baby Skeye, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale

Origin Quest

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Skeye eyes and artifacts made of?
They can be made of clay, glass, plastic, wood, metal, or any other hard material.

Can my Skeye have more than one eye?
Skeye may only have one eye.

Do all Skeye have limbs?
Yes, they all have at least one pair that extends to allow them to perch when landed. When they are in the air, their apparatuses may be retracted for a more streamlined design.