Species Name: Phamie

Phamie | Phamies | —
singular — plural — collective


Phamies are fish-like creatures with round snouts. They have high-pitched noises they make to call to one another and can sometimes create local melodies with other Phamies. They can swim exceptionally fast and will fling themselves out of the water and do flips and other tricks. They love to interact with Lythians and often act very mischievous and playful.

Design Guidelines

- Phamies have fishlike bodies that are smooth but do not have any scales.
- The tips of their snouts are rounded but they may have sharp lip protrusions.
- They must have at least one pair of gills on each side of their body.
- Phamies have four small flippers and three distinct fins: two fins on the back and the tail fin.
- Phamies have ribbed tails that section off into branches and determine how large their tail fin is.


Body Types

Baby Information

To grow your baby Phamie, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale

Origin Quest

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

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