Species Name: Obozi

Obozi | Obozis | —
singular — plural — collective


Obozis are small snail-like creatures that love humid and warm areas or shores. Obozis grow their own shells; it is very rare to find one without a shell as they can grow a new one within a few hours.

Obozi bodies are generally iridescent and translucent. They leave behind trails of slightly luminescent sludge that can make other surfaces iridescent if left alone. The inside of their shells typically take on this iridescent quality due to extended exposure to their bodies.

Obozis are sometimes farmed to create shiny jewelry material and cosmetic items.

Design Guidelines

- Obozis have squishy, jelly bodies and large shells.
- Most shells will have holes in them for jelly-like feelers to pop out.
- Obozis and their shells can be any color, but the body of the Obozi is usually somewhat iridescent.
- Obozis must have four antennae: two on top of the head and two on the chin.
- Obozis need six or more long stretchy legs.


* Subspecies marked with an asterisk require an additional item to create. Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.
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Body Types

* Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.

Baby Information

To grow your baby Obozi, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale

Origin Quest

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

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