Species Name: Lumizoa

Lumizoa | Lumizoa | —
singular — plural — collective


Lumizoa are a type of sea creature similar to jellyfish. The bell is typically bioluminescent and semi-transparent, and helps with general movement. Their lower body hides a beak and tongue which can be used to grab small prey trapped within their tentacles. Some locations may hold festivals or events to view their lights as they migrate through the sea, and children may use specialized fishing hooks to grab Lumizoa from the sea by the loop on top of their bell to carry around.

Lumizoa are able to survive out of water for some time, and are typically safely returned to their schools.

Design Guidelines

- Lumizoa have bodies reminiscent of a paper lantern surrounded by a transparent layer. The body should have some sort of scales or patterning.
- Lumizoa have tentacles which extend below them and may have different shapes.
- Lumizoa may be any color and glow.
- Lumizoa have a loop at the top of their bell, which may be any color or length.


Body Types

Baby Information

To grow your baby Lumizoa, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale

Origin Quest

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