Species Name: Lealai

Lealai | Lealai | Grace
singular — plural — collective


Lealai are a graceful species, who are curious by nature but smart enough to know when to keep their distance. In the past, many sought them out, believing in an age-old tale that those who befriended them would have eternal youth and beauty bestowed upon them. This rumor seems to have been dispelled, but certain Lythians claim otherwise…

Over time, these creatures were domesticated and trained to be flying mounts, able to carry passengers and parcels. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are thought to be distant evolutionary cousins to Kiklets. Despite their ability to fly, Lealai are actually very attuned to flora, able to take on the appearance of different plants to blend into their environment. They have a large bulb on their rear end, which opens up to reveal a tail that mimics the pistil of the flower. They can use this mimicry to avoid detection from predators or lure in prey.
As previously mentioned, Lealai have different appearances, which is based on the environment they originated from. They have a connected floral membrane that stretches across most of their underside, which can sprout a variety of plants and flowers. Generally, these flora match where they came from, eg, a desert Lealai growing cacti. As long as the creature itself is kept healthy and happy, this membrane will continue to provide the nutrients needed for germination. A malnourished Lealai may have a membrane that appears wrinkled, withered, or decaying.