Fuwa Bozu

Fuwa Bozu | Fuwa Bozu | —
singular — plural — collective


While they are not "natural" to Lyth, our little spirits have somehow found themselves in these realms alongside the different Lythians already residing here. Perhaps someone also managed to create one in this world...? No matter the case, these spiritual guardians are nothing if adaptable and look forward to protecting their new shrines.

Fuwa Bozu are small spirits reborn from the souls of recently-deceased animals. They are created when a being with pure intent places a handkerchief — or another sheet of material — over the dead creature's body. If successful, the animal returns in the form of a spiritual guardian, who is now bound to their master's soul, which the critters refer to as their "shrine." It then becomes their lifelong goal to care for, nurture, tend to, and protect that shrine until death do them part.

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