Djiminni | Djiminnis | —
singular — plural — collective


Djiminnis are spirits who are often associated with dark magic, as they are believed to be side effects from conjuring its spells. However, they are neither innately evil nor innately good; they come into being and then simply exist within the realms. They are made of a gaseous material that allows them to float silently about and even phase through solid objects. And, in reality, these creatures are quite shy! Most of the time, Djiminnis are covered by a solid exterior of their own making that consists of three parts: a mask, an outer shell, and other decorative pieces.

The mask is typically made of a smooth material, with holes through which the Djiminni's glowing eyes peek out of. It's meant to be threatening — as to scare off any potential threats — but that's not always the case. A Djiminni may not have the best perception of what's considered scary, therefore, the mask it constructs may not be the most fear-inducing thing. Fortunately, many Lythians find these creatures cute and harmless, so will offer them the protection and safe haven they so desperately seek.

The outer shell can be made of any solid matter and houses all of its gas body. The shell can be as big as required to cover all of the Djiminni, though the creature can also simply just condense itself into a smaller space. They can have any type of appearance as well, and can even imitate living things, such as leaves from a plant or fur from an animal. Ultimately, however, these shells are constructs, therefore, are not actually organic matter, but come very close and can fool most when they aren't paying attention.

The decorative pieces typically come in the form of smooth peg legs that stick out from the bottom of its shell. No one knows why these floating creatures need legs, but it is believed they do it to fit in. Sometimes, they'll even land on the floor just so they can pretend to walk around on them! The pegs can be varying widths and lengths, and there can even be more or less than four, but they always end in points. Other than legs, some even choose to construct a tail, wings, and other accouterments.

Djiminnis like to keep themselves covered in their constructs, probably because it offers them a sense of security. However, when they are running low on magical energy, their exteriors may shatter. When this happens, the spirits tend to quickly hide themselves in any nearby container — or anything that'll cover them, really. They'll stay bottled up until they replenish enough energy to reconstruct their outer builds. Therefore, it is recommended that any Lythian who wants a Djiminni Companion have some sort of housing ready for them!