Skills Information

Skills allow a playable character to participate in different activities, and may increase their abilities at those activities as they improve.

All Lythian species are able to learn any skills of their choice, however, babies are unable to gain skills.


Taming is required for companion capturing!

The taming skill is used for capturing companions, which may be collected and customized. In order to level your taming skill, you must attempt to capture companions, or complete the experience art quest below. You are free to trade or give away captured companions to other players!

The taming skill begins at level 1 and increases up to 10 based on taming experience.

To unlock the taming skill on a Lythian, you must first complete a special training quest.

Taming Unlock Quest

To unlock the Taming skill, you must complete a questline with the Lythian you desire to learn the skill.
You can see full requirements at the skill unlock quest page.

Taming - Experience

Practice your taming skills at your own pace! Feeding companions, caring for them, trying to tame new friends; anything that revolves around the care for and/or capture of companions. (This quest only grants calculated Loonoles and EXP)