Olde Smoke Engine - Wolfren He/They/It






With ancient old bones that creak like withering wood, the Olde Smoke Engine rides on his ever-extending train tracks to find the next soul ready to board. His weary eyes are gentle, aged through years of lonesome exploration due to his dabbling in immortality — a feat he regrets to this day, longing to see his late family once more. However, through his selfish mistakes, he's found solace in guiding lonesome spirits aboard his ghostly black train, capable of traveling through the realms hidden to the eye of living. Coming to those when it's their time to go, he offers comfort as he sits with them and hears the tales of their life, promising to keep anything they take aboard safe. Once their stop is reached, the soul will leave to their afterlife, leaving the Olde Smoke Engine alone to his thoughts once more.

Belief in him is common, although most who do typically envision him as a beast of maliciousness, someone to fear, as death in itself is often perceived as a terrifying concept — the very reason why a single Wolfren is treated as an omen. However, those who are greeted by his train soon learn his true intentions as none other than a guide for the lost. The Deity of Death.

Those who dabble in immortality speak tales of being able to see his train trudging through the sky, a somber and melancholic feeling clinging tight to the air in the moments to follow.