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Art Submission Guidelines
The Art Submission Guidelines are a guide for what we look for from a technical perspective when art is submitted. Submissions are never graded on "skill" and artists of all skill levels are invited to participate!
A visual display of events, news posts, and other important dates.
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Contact us if you have questions, concerns, or reports!
Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions and their answers.
Items Catalog
View information about all available items, including where to find them and how to use them.
New User Tutorial
Learn about the website, game, and how to get started playing!
Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
View the variety of NPCs that inhabit the realms of Lyth.
Skills Guide
View information about available skills, where to use them, and how to unlock them.
Species Guides
View full information about every species, including Lythians, companions, and some specific pets.
Species Size Comparer
View different species sizes as compared to each other.
Review extra and miscellaneous information in the Lythbound Wiki!
World Guide
View general information about the realms of Lyth and existence within them.