Haunted Faire 2021 - Free Raffle

The Haunted Faire is holding a free raffle with a selection of wonderful prizes! Read on for prize information and details on how to enter!

RAFFLE DEADLINE: November 7, 2021 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time

How to Enter

To gain an entry to the raffle, you must advertise the Lythbound game and/or the Haunted Faire event! (Include your referral link as well, if you'd like!) You can gain one entry per each following location that you advertise to:

- DeviantArt (journal, status, poll, etc)
- Twitter (Tweet)
- Instagram (image post)
- Tumblr (post)
- Toyhou.se (bulletin)
- Toyhou.se - post on this forum thread with a short message!
- Other locations for social media advertisements may be accepted on a case-by-case basis!

That's up to 6 or more entries for advertising the event!

Once you've completed an advertisement, send us a link to your ad via this Google Form to receive a raffle entry.


You must have a https://lythbound.com account.

Ads posted to "giveaway accounts" (accounts which exist for the sole purpose of entering giveaways) will not count.

Your ad MUST contain a link to either https://lythbound.com OR one of our official social media accounts (your referral link is okay!). (Tagging @ Lythbound on Twitter, or linking to @ Realm-of-Lyth on DeviantArt is acceptable, for example.

(If doing this on Twitter, please do NOT start your tweet with the @ tag, as your followers will not see it!)

You can only win one of the below prizes and prizes will be rolled in the order shown.

RAFFLE DEADLINE: November 7, 2021 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time



Axomaur: AX70

(Owns three Halloween-themed frames!)
- Provided by CakeBird


A full set of 2020's Eidolon pets!


A full set of 2021's NEW Eidolon pets!


1x Summoning Circle 2019 Frame


1x Haunted 2020 Frame


1x Trick-or-Treat 2021 Frame