Turn the Tides/Mermay 2020 - Advent Calendar

As part of Turn the Tides and Mermay 2020, a selection of designs will be available on certain days throughout the month! These will be posted on DeviantArt (and/or other social media of the designer's choice), and feature designs from the designers listed below.

The designs will be revealed and posted individually on the day indicated by the date over their silhouette. Once revealed, they will be available to purchase. Adopts will be available via a variety of methods, including: flatsale and auction.

You can view all open designs in this folder of the DeviantArt group!

All Turn the Tides and Mermay 2020 Advent Calendar designs will come with two form slots unlocked! They will have their aquatic form (the design) but you may make an additional land form of an antecedent species of your choice for them later on as well, if you would like.

May 14, 2020

Species: Axomaur
Designer: Raishiteru

May 16, 2020

Species: Igalyph
Designer: cristais

May 18, 2020

Species: Siircio
Designer: Lucacrafts

May 20, 2020

Species: Chuikha
Designer: solsurfing

May 22, 2020

Species: Nimblithe
Designer: Call-Me-Cinder

May 24, 2020

Species: Igalyph
Designer: seroswilt

May 26, 2020

Species: Siircio
Designer: Lighterium

May 28, 2020

Species: Onini
Designer: Buntato