Slyme - Globble

Name: Globble
Owner: Blazing Black Mage

Designer: Raishiteru
Artist: Raishiteru

Species: Slyme
Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift

Please do not make art of this companion!

Or simply "Glob". A voracious stow away that loves nothing more than to eat anything he can find. Ghara despises this insatiable beast, often demanding the crew find him and throw him overboard. Unfortunately for him, the crew is very fond of this titanic slyme, affectionately naming him "Globble" and sneaking scraps to him when Ghara is unaware. Globble is a master at hiding, despite his size, but even when found by Ghara his girth is immovable. Globble wasn't always his size, but a few treasure chests here, a whole hog there, has helped him grow to near cryptid proportions.