Chime Fish - Avocado

Name: Avocado
Owner: Scuttle

Designer: Scuttle
Artist: Scuttle

Species: Chime Fish
Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift

You may make art of this companion!

Centri's first chime fish.

What he thought was just a bit of rust on an otherwise algae-covered fish was actually the only bit of visible metal. Avocado- so named for the green of the corrosion and brown wood of their body- is a copper chime fish with a habit of bumping into things with their face both in a way that seems distracted and sometimes in a way that appears playful. This actually cleared off the corrosion on their face, resulting in a "beak" of cleaned metal. The amount of corrosion does not seem to bother them, though it implies that they are either old or once were in a body of salt water- not the freshwater pool Centri found them in.