Jackalune @ May 13, 2020 15:50:30

Fixed a bug where pets won from the Bottled Messages event activity were not being unlocked in bestiaries. All pets won from the activity have been retroactively unlocked.

Jackalune @ May 11, 2020 23:42:05

Added option to dismiss "link DeviantArt" notification for anyone without a DeviantArt account. Various other small visual/QOL improvements including editors for some text areas.

Jackalune @ April 30, 2020 01:32:32

Identical inventory items now display as stacks, rather than individually.

Jackalune @ April 15, 2020 10:39:25

Fixed a few bugs related to gift art galleries; they should all be properly viewable now.

Jackalune @ April 11, 2020 21:22:06

You can now edit the order in which your Lythians & Companions appear via the and pages. Editing has also been expanded for Lythian profiles; you should have more HTML and CSS options there now. (Not yet added to user profiles.)

Jackalune @ March 31, 2020 20:39:35

The changelog exists!