Jarre @ September 25, 2022 15:00:01

The following species requirements have been loosened: Kella sers now only require scales on the stomach, Kuniklovs and Symphonies may now have underbites or overbites, Lilipeeps may now have a wide variety of tails or ears, and Meltdown Pro-Gs now only require at least 1 vent.

Jackalune @ September 05, 2022 20:12:40

The requirement for Lilipeeps to have closed eyes has been removed.

Jarre @ August 18, 2022 01:11:52

Turned "Monster" into an Indicator akin to "Infected"; Remastered Index Search System

Jackalune @ August 12, 2022 18:10:31

A free raffle for CB74 (designed by StardustMinka) has been added to the raffles page! Be sure to enter before August 19, 2022 @ 23:59:59!

Jackalune @ July 21, 2022 23:09:30

Fixed "Charitable" achievement to level up at proper gift art amounts; level 2 text changed from 25 -> 15, and level 4 text changed from 50 -> 60.

Jarre @ July 21, 2022 23:07:38

Added a new retroactive achievement: "Gotta Capture 'em All!", you will receive the new achievement at the proper level next time you capture any companion successfully; Retired "Chime Fishing".

Jarre @ July 20, 2022 19:39:41

Terminology Change; Starter Lythian Slot -> Reward Lythian Slot

Jarre @ July 15, 2022 18:24:10

Added Subspecies Assets to Onini Species Page (collab between Jarre & Jackalune!)

Jarre @ July 13, 2022 18:18:52

Merged Crafting Menu & Discover Recipes; Removed Daily Discovery Limit

bow-iie @ July 11, 2022 10:51:45

Explorations have received several small QOL updates.

Jarre @ July 08, 2022 16:37:40 A new poll regarding Loonole MYO Ticket Tradability has been posted!

Jarre @ July 08, 2022 15:00:01

Moved the "Obtained" Indicator on Index Entries to be under the Ownership Tab.

Jarre @ June 28, 2022 19:46:13

Added ability to add items to Companion MYOs and Index Art Submissions; "Subspecies" is now a drop down for MYO and Index Art Submissions.

Jarre @ June 26, 2022 00:05:12

Added new toggle setting under Profile Settings: "Allow others to stick stickers in your album?"

Jackalune @ June 11, 2022 10:49:57

Fixed a bug wherein sending a volley greater than 20 would not award the "Ballin'" achievement. Everyone who should have received this should now have the achievement in their list. If it is still missing, please either send us a support ticket or send another volley greater or equal to 20 and it should properly award!

Raishiteru @ June 07, 2022 03:39:03

Minor changes to Symphony and Lilipeep species guides to clear up some confusing wording.

Jackalune @ May 19, 2022 23:58:03

Fixed a bug related to using realm keys on Lythians via inventory.

Jackalune @ March 29, 2022 18:39:09

This is a test changelog (apologies for the interruption!)

Jackalune @ March 14, 2022 15:01:56

Added the current site date/time in extended format at the bottom of the layout on every page.

Jackalune @ February 22, 2022 16:45:47

The ability to delete/report guild message board posts has been properly implemented.