Jarre @ November 14, 2022 11:38:40

Characters made from Lythian Eggs will now start with a key to the realm their egg came from. They may still have an additional starter key.

Jarre @ November 11, 2022 11:51:30 A new 24-hour raffle has started!

Jackalune @ November 09, 2022 19:56:43

All cumulative prizes for Ink's Prompts have been sent out! If you are missing anything, please let us know via support ticket!

Jarre @ November 08, 2022 23:15:14

"Once Per Lythian" Restriction removed from Buzinya Invasion Quests; Added buzinya/monster opt-in/out to Secret Santa (defaulted as "OKAY"/Opt-In, please resubmit if you would like to opt out of either!); "Freed Buzinya" renamed to "Freed Buzi".

Jackalune @ October 13, 2022 18:31:51

Adjusted locations of Lythian form list, form edit button, and navigational arrows on Lythian profiles, based on feedback.

Jarre @ October 11, 2022 20:58:20

Added clickable morph items to design guidelines for Asterisk'd Subspecies. (Will redirect the user to the Item Catalog!)

Jackalune @ October 09, 2022 22:37:58

Thank you for your patience during the site downtime! Please accept 20 Faire Tickets as an apology! To claim, visit and scroll to the bottom (available until October 11, 2022 @ 23:59:59 site time)

CakeBird @ October 01, 2022 15:38:47

Minor adjustments to trick, treat, and apple bobbing pools.

Jackalune @ October 01, 2022 10:08:19

Ink's prompts minor rule change to the following: "Please include only one prompt per submission to ensure you receive your rewards!"

SunglassesArlo @ September 29, 2022 20:53:13

Added ability to use :userUsername: to ping users on the forum, allowing users with dashes and spaces in their usernames to be pinged.

Jarre @ September 25, 2022 15:00:01

The following species requirements have been loosened: Kella sers now only require scales on the stomach, Kuniklovs and Symphonies may now have underbites or overbites, Lilipeeps may now have a wide variety of tails or ears, and Meltdown Pro-Gs now only require at least 1 vent.

Jackalune @ September 05, 2022 20:12:40

The requirement for Lilipeeps to have closed eyes has been removed.

Jarre @ August 18, 2022 01:11:52

Turned "Monster" into an Indicator akin to "Infected"; Remastered Index Search System

Jackalune @ August 12, 2022 18:10:31

A free raffle for CB74 (designed by StardustMinka) has been added to the raffles page! Be sure to enter before August 19, 2022 @ 23:59:59!

Jackalune @ July 21, 2022 23:09:30

Fixed "Charitable" achievement to level up at proper gift art amounts; level 2 text changed from 25 -> 15, and level 4 text changed from 50 -> 60.

Jarre @ July 21, 2022 23:07:38

Added a new retroactive achievement: "Gotta Capture 'em All!", you will receive the new achievement at the proper level next time you capture any companion successfully; Retired "Chime Fishing".

Jarre @ July 20, 2022 19:39:41

Terminology Change; Starter Lythian Slot -> Reward Lythian Slot

Jarre @ July 15, 2022 18:24:10

Added Subspecies Assets to Onini Species Page (collab between Jarre & Jackalune!)

Jarre @ July 13, 2022 18:18:52

Merged Crafting Menu & Discover Recipes; Removed Daily Discovery Limit

SunglassesArlo @ July 11, 2022 10:51:45

Explorations have received several small QOL updates.