Activities Hub

Play some mini-games in your spare time!
Companion Captures
The realms of Lyth contain many varied species, some of which can be kept as tamed, semi-intelligent companions to Lythians. Some varieties of companions can be captured or tamed from the wild, given access to the correct realms and necessary items.
View ongoing and past contests, or vote in currently running ones!
Find recipes to combine ingredients with other items.
Featured Lythian
The featured Lythian is randomly chosen on the first of each month from those who fulfill certain requirements. Creating a gift for the featured Lythian grants a bonus to the artist/author as well!
Frame Previewer
Preview your Lythians in any of the available frames!
View ongoing giveaways, where you can receive items or currency! These are freebies for the taking, so be sure to check here often!
Liked Characters
View Lythians and companions you have liked.
Make art and post it to Lythbound using an in-browser oekaki!
Pet Shelter
Feed hungry pets and have a chance to take them home with you!
View ongoing and past free raffles, and see how many entries you have in current ones!
Random Lythian
Randomly picks existing Lythians that have allowed for gift art to be made for them. Just for fun or to help you find someone to draw!
Realm Explorations
Embark on an Adventurer's Guild-sanctioned exploration in realms where your familiarity is high enough.
Shrine of Virtue
Donate your spare items to the shrine... or perhaps find new items of your own!
Sticker Album
View your current sticker collection in your very own Sticker Album!
Submit Character Slot
If you have a character slot item (Lythian, companion, or custom pet) or an index slot with an undesigned image, you can submit it with this form to create your new character!
The Pit
Toss your unneeded items here and get Loonoles (and... stuff) back!